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What we offer

CrossFit Classes.

Dedicated 24 hour open gym.

World class training plans. 

Speciality classes

121 Coaching. 


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Our CrossFit classes are the perfect way to challenge yourself and reach your fitness goals. We offer 25 classes a week, from early 6am to 6:30pm, so you can always find a time to suit your schedule. Our classes are suitable for all levels and abilities, so no matter what your fitness level, you'll be sure to find a challenge. Come along and join us today to get your body moving and feel the benefits of CrossFit

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To compliment your CrossFit classes we have added a dedicated class to focus on your "engine".Expect longer workouts with a focus on increasing your cardiovascular fitness. 

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Olympic Lifting

Our CrossFit Gym is proud to offer Olympic lifting classes with our  British Weightlifting  lv3 instructor! Our dedicated class focuses on the clean and jerk and snatch, giving you the opportunity to perfect your technique and maximize your performance. With an experienced instructor to guide you, you'll be ready to conquer your next competition in no time. Join us and get the most out of your Olympic lifting journey

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24 hour Open gym

Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, The 1200 square foot dedicated open gym space is ideal to work on your own  programme, or follow the main gym programming in your own trime. Use the main gym when there are no classes on 

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Join our dedicated Gymnastics class and watch your CrossFit performance soar. Our expert coach will teach you everything you need to know to master pull-ups, handstands, and other essential exercises. We offer world-class programming that's customized to your level of fitness, so you can enjoy a challenging and rewarding workout every time.

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Training Plans and workout tracking

With our dedicated app, you can track your progress and see your improvement over time. We offer three different training plans that cater to all of our members, whether you prefer to take on high-intensity workouts or train at your own pace during open gym. Our expert coaches are there to guide and motivate you every step of the way, helping you to develop the correct form and technique to succeed at every exercise. We're here to help you reach your potential and beyond!

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