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TwoTon CrossFit. 

We are Twoton Crossfit, we brought CrossFit to Taunton and Somerset back in 2012. Twoton was created with one goal, to deliver the best possible experience to its members. We do this by keeping the classes small (max 11) that means we develop amazing relationships with our members so we can really deliver a personal service. We work with you in every class to ensure that you are moving safely and at a level that will mean you hit your goals! 

Our gym philosophy is the needs of the olympic athlete and your grandparents differ in degree not kind. We have members in their 70s training next to members in their 20s both being inspired and motivated by the other. 

We make you fit for life! 

What is CrossFit.

Whether you’re brand new to fitness or a long-time gym-goer, CrossFit is for you. Millions
of people of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities swear by CrossFit, and for good reason — it
Everyone who does CrossFit knows it’s more than a workout. The secret that makes CrossFit
so effective is a simple and irreplaceable combination of three ingredients: the results, the coach, and the community.
You’re joining a tight-knit local community that is connected to a massive global network of
people — people who, like you, are working to become fitter and healthier. You’re now part of
a group of people who are here to motivate and support you along the way.

Everyone has a different why, what's yours? 

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